There is a state in the United States that has many cultural connections to my origin. The correlations between Texas and Hawaii are incredible. Texas and Hawaii were at one time their own nations. Texas displaced many citizens after the revolutionary war, and the same was done on the Hawaiian Islands. This caused a lot […]



It comes from a pair of white and black shoes.  A betrayal that I never thought would be possible by you.  Yet as I’ve reflected upon the sequence of events, your envious spirit was there from the very beginning.  You’ve taken many captives and slowly chipped away at their core. You have no remorse for […]


Thank God, she’s in my heart! I know I hurt my daddy’s feelings, when I didn’t want to go to the cemetery to visit her grave. When I served my kiddos in Pecos, I would stop in every day at the cemetery after my school day had ended. While in Houston, she came to me […]


Growing up in the desert region of Texas, I never questioned the reason to serve and obtain knowledge from everything and everyone around me.  The two people who formed me instilled this desire: my parents. My parents never had an opportunity at a formal education.  My father, an only child, was pulled out of elementary […]

With Honor

#Sol16 Day 1   Smiling faces, warm hugs, and the willingness to push through any barrier placed in front of me is what inspires me to prepare and be ready for each day. It’s those components that make our profession the most rewarding in today’s modern era. Those elements carefully blended together produce a powerful […]

Reflections of a Student-Led Conference

This time of year is one that allows educators to enjoy and reflect upon the changes that come with the season and determine what is going on in their classrooms. Many educators speak of reflection and how it drives change. However, reflection often requires transparency in order to allow moments to reemerge. Then we can […]

Pen to Paper NOT My Farewell@

The thick fog lifted and the big day arrived and it’s clear that our tasks are now done. The strength of realities’ wrist flinging back and forth pounding at my car’s door, said to me, “ It can never be ignored.” I soon discovered that the irritating cadence that was once neglected open up everyone […]

Turned My World Upside Down

                   I’ve drafted a lot about my family this month, but there is one particular man that I have left out. This Man came into my world when I was five and transformed my world upside down. First of all, he was a “he” and not a “she.” My parents had sired four girls […]