It comes from a pair of white and black shoes.  A betrayal that I never thought would be possible by you.  Yet as I’ve reflected upon the sequence of events, your envious spirit was there from the very beginning.  You’ve taken many captives and slowly chipped away at their core. You have no remorse for all the destruction you’ve caused in many lives.

You hid it in laughter and unexpected calls or messages.  I saw a sign of it early on, but I shook it out of my head quickly.  I knew that we would have to be in it together for us to make an impact on them.  We all recognize to make an impact truly felt by the one’s we loved, we were  in it together.

We would spend many a late night talking and thinking our shared mission of enlightenment.  I was smitten by your enthusiasm and spirit.  I never recognized that underneath it all was a cold black hole.  One that would try to take me to the brink of darkness by tearing at what you knew to be my life’s work. You didn’t care that you could have ruined my ability to work at a craft that I’ve loved more than life itself.

Your web was spun so tightly, that it took a while for me to unravel it.  In this web,  you entangled so many people,  who  unwillingly  participated  in your plan to replace what you deemed to be diseased.

Support came in a form of a figure that intimidated me, but I knew that was my only shot at redemption because you had your merry core of followers who were willing to do what it took to get your mission completed.  That in itself was extremely revealing because it truly made all participants take off their disguises.  This revelation was the most heart-wrenching pain that drove me to think about how to run away and never return. I immediately knew that was not a possible course for me to pursue.  That would mean total defeat.  Who would win?

There were many a time that I thought I would never endure the countless humiliations and tauntings of your band.  It was difficult to stand back and watch innocent bystanders become engulfed in your attitude of hate and deceitful behavior, but sometimes we have no choice to stand back and let them think we see nothing because of the unnecessary victims that could be engulfed in your sharp talons.

There were various attempts to drain the spirit of many, but at the end your chain was broken and you can never cause the endless hours of pain you’ve inflicted on many unwilling victims that dared to stand for the truth.

You will pretend that you did nothing wrong, however, the whispers and stares remain of the tremendous deed you attempted.  You cannot hide behind the giggles, smirks, and jokes at anyone’s expense because you will begin to wonder if it will happen to you one day.

Unfortunately, time does not stop for anyone being, and the pain you’ve chosen to inflict on others will call your name.  You can run, but you will never be able to hide from the destruction that you’ve caused too many hardworking servants.

It was not until I saw the answer in these white and black pumps, that I truly had to allow myself to confirm that it was you all the time. An insincere and deceitful heart will one day be judged by the same terms that they used to judge and place others into categories of the seen and unseen.

It’s a choice that everyone has to make in their individual lives.  We can pretend, but we can never hide from the injustices that we have committed through omission or commission.  It’s truly up to us to decide which mark we will leave here upon the end of our existence.

We genuinely need to question and reflect on the impact we leave upon our dismissal from our world.  Is it to lift up, or is it to put down?  Then step back and question yourself, ”Which mark did I leave?”

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