Turned My World Upside Down

 Turned My World Upside Down

                 I’ve drafted a lot about my family this month, but there is one particular man that I have left out. This Man came into my world when I was five and transformed my world upside down.

First of all, he was a “he” and not a “she.” My parents had sired four girls and were actually hoping for that boy. So when my brother came, he brought so much joy!

From the very beginning, he was SO unique. He wrestled with our stuffed toys and us. We loved to place him on top of the bureau and all the sisters would gather around and begin singing loudly, “Dance a Mile in My Shoes!”

He would start to march with a little jiggle. All the sisters would giggle while he would put on such a magnificent display of confidence and might I say “style and rhythm.”

Personally I was always SO smitten for the effortless love of life and all those around him. When we were young, he and I developed quite a bond. He would call me his “honey.” I remember asking him quietly, “Please don’t say that, when my friends are around.”

My brother had his struggles very early on with reading. Until that very particular teacher came to our house and shared her concerns. My mother was so grateful and overwhelmed by this gesture and did everything it took to support our young man.

You see my brother was an undiagnosed dyslexic.   But lucky for us, this great educator took a stand and fought for my brother to receive services. She opened up a whole new world to him. Finally, it seemed like my brother was able to enjoy the world with a book in the palm of his hands.

My brother took advantage of every opportunity and worked himself through high school, college and graduate school. He has ALWAYS stayed so humble and I honestly can say that he is someone that has always inspired me.

He has a beautiful wife and even lovelier daughter. This man has always devoted his life to our Heavenly Father. He never gives up and always takes a stand for what is right and never gives into what is natural and precise.

You see my brother is one of a kind. A man who stands up for his convictions and what is true. I’m so proud of you brother, and I want you to know. That even though were one thousand miles apart in more ways than one, you always hold a very special place in my heart.

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