Our Team Leader

Our Team Leader

Every grade level has to have that fantastic head that is the cohesive glue that binds all the group members together. A great leader leads in a way that you don’t ever notice; so smoothly that you don’t even recognize that they are “managing” you.

I’ve raved and ranted about HOW much I love my school and my new district. It’s now time to reveal some of the true “greatness” behind the scenes. For me, it begins with my “Fantastic Fourth Grade Finishers” team leader.

Our crew chief has completed, within in one year, a Masters in Administration, maintained the learning of forty students in math and science, and mentored new first years teachers to our building. WAIT!!!!! That’s not the only thing she does to her twenty-four hour day.

She is in charge of making sure that all progress reports and report cards are completed on time. YES!!! You know “THAT” one that enters your room and says, “GIRLIE!!!” “We need to look at that grade book and double check on that assignment and the weight is correct!”

My encounter with this extraordinary person began the same day my new principal called me and asked, “Will you be part of our team?’ I was still at the airport when I began to receive emails from this beautiful gal making sure that I was one of hers and she would be guiding me.

She doesn’t really realize how much she motivates me. The way she deals with everything that is packed in her day, I really thank God that HE placed her in my life each and every day. She has soothed me early in the mornings and late at night when I’ve doubted my ability to produce in this new system. All she says is, “Of course, you’re DeHaan!”

I forgot to mention that this lovely lady is with child and will soon deliver a brand new baby boy. So please join me in sending positive thoughts to our “Fantastic Fourth Grade Finisher” team leader…. Mrs. Jennifer Cruz.

I love you Cruz. You believe in us and you’re really the glue that keeps us all together when we seemed overwhelmed. I thank God for you and your great spirit. You’re one of the reasons I’ve been reborn as a brand new teacher.


6 thoughts on “Our Team Leader

  1. Awww- I wanna come work with you guys. Your team sounds amazing- when you have can that kind of support the benefits are tremendous! Lucky you and lucky them-and lucky lucky kids!

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