Near the End

Near the End

My heart is cloudy today; you see our season is near the end. It’s been such an incredible adventure for me. I permitted myself to go to a point of vulnerability to yield my inner feelings, conflicts, and victories for the world to see.

At times, I had so many slices to pick from; suddenly there were other days that I really had to labor to come up with just one. Pledging to this challenge, during this time of the year, however, truly pushed me to undergo balance and achieve some personal peace.

I’ve been able to exercise some of the hurt and destruction that I felt with the death of my momma nearly three years ago. I never thought I could place these dark strands together and form a slice for others to read. They were too painful, and for some foolish reason, they were buried in my brain. I was unable to release them thinking that she would, in fact, be gone.

Yet this demanding task has done quite the contrary you see, it has uplifted my heart. I accept that she is now resting comfortably.

She came to me in a dream a while ago and said, “I am going to a deeper place and you will have to let go.”

So I know that she is now resting comfortably fully realizing that even though I am aware she’s gone, she’s really always around me. I represent her nature, her vitality, and her life’s work within me.


3 thoughts on “Near the End

  1. The daily write will end, but you don’t have to stop writing. We still write and post every Tuesday. So your voice can still be heard. I love the truth you write about related to your mom. There is a peace in writing.

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  2. I never thought I could place these dark strands together and form a slice for others to read.—oh man, this is so true- when you get there though, it is such a good thing for the soul. Whether you hit publish or not, the writing is out there in the world because you released it. I’ve so enjoyed reading your posts through the month and so hope that you will join us every Tuesday to continue.


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