HE CAME!!!!!!

  1. HE CAME   I heard my A.P. shouting my name, “DEHAAN! DEHAAN! He is here!” At first, I wasn’t certain what she was attempting to prepare me for, but then he swung around the corner and there he stood my “Pride and JOY!”

He strolled up to me, and I gave him such a big hug. I oohed and awed about how thrilled I was that he had come to our annual Open House.

You see this baby of mine, we didn’t EXACTLY start off this year on a real even keel. He often denounced me as, “OVERLY DRAMATIC” and just “TOO DEMANDING.” I worked hard on showering him with love while I continuously never lowered any expectations.   I knew that he could do it. He has such a great mind, but just a little temperamental.

We are not all engineered from the same schematics. So I often hear my momma’s sweet voice saying, “Be open to all different type of children.” “They will push you to grow and significantly improve.” You see for me, this lumbering spirit that denounced me as “TOO DRAMATIC,  pushed me to grow by leaps and bounds. So I am very grateful that he has entered my world. I have enjoyed him and I know that he will always stay in my heart and his words will lumber in my spirit as, “TOO DRAMATIC!”


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