Normal is NOT Normal

Sometimes in life you face situations that can seem overwhelming. A problem that has changed my life is accepting that I am different. As a result of overcoming this challenge, I have recognized that normal is NOT always normal. Sometimes just knowing I have to go back and look at events with a different set of eyes, and embracing myself as a unique individual.

Most people think that they have to behave a certain way. I say, “Behave in a way that is respectful to yourself and others.” If you start to try to please people, it causes a lot of unnecessary tensions that brings you stress. When I was in seventh grade, I was bullied. It made me so upset that I had to deal with a case of shingles. I knew right away that I could not live my life like this any longer.

After my episode with shingles, I started to realize that “normal” isn’t always normal. The students that were around me had the same type of difficulties that I had to face every day. When I put on a new set of eyes, I realized that I was too sensitive. I was holding on to certain phrases, but not allowing myself to enjoy the compliments that I was receiving.

Right then and there I knew I had to change my life. I started to celebrate my unique self. I also came to know that other people were celebrating me too. As soon as I let my guard down, I allowed myself to be part of the bigger picture. This larger picture gave me new friends, new learning opportunities, and the chance to actually love myself for who I am and NOT what I thought everyone wanted me to be.

Overcoming my challenge of trying to be like everyone else has taught me to accept that normal is NOT always normal and to embrace myself as a unique individual. Life is much more enjoyable when I learned to look for happiness within myself.


6 thoughts on “Normal is NOT Normal

  1. What is normal is the real question I have? Who determines normal? We have to be accepting others, even if they do things differently from the way I might do things. Be true to you.


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