Turkey Baking Before the Big Day!

Turkey Before the Big Day

I left a turkey baking before our big day. The smells of a turkey are so enticing and actually reenergizing. How, you ask, does this actually work? Well, you see when you feel blessed, you have to celebrate.

This is my first year at Katy ISD. The district has offered me so much this year. With an incredible group of administrators and my peers I have grown to soar new heights that I hadn’t seen in years. What is there not to celebrate, even though, it’s this time of the year? I could not ask more for what has been given to me this year. Fantastic trainings, great leaders, and even better peers!

I’ve said it before, and I say it again, “Thank you to all my BlueJays!” Next time I’ll ask you over to dinner – when I get my house ready…


5 thoughts on “Turkey Baking Before the Big Day!

  1. Your district sounds so awesome! (I often follow the #katyisd on Twitter.)

    The turkey looks great… recipe please!

    BTW: Look for an email from me. You just won the Owen & Virgil giveaway. 🙂


  2. Your turkey looks amazing! I can actually smell it 😉 This is a great and encouraging piece, because it is good to read about how blessed you actually feel with your work place. I hope the celebration was wonderful – and I’m sure all enjoyed the delicious turkey 🙂


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