The Gift

The Gift

A gift was delivered to me by one of my morning pupils yesterday.   I told her I would share it in my blog today.


17 thoughts on “The Gift

    1. This baby lost her toddler brother a year ago. The sudden and tragic loss of the little one left her very deppressed. Little by little, we’ve been using our writing to try to allow her to heal. Now, she writes about him all the time. At first, she would only cry. So the writing gods have helped her to heal.


  1. The story behind this writer and you is a post I am waiting for. How you helped her deal with a family tragedy through writing is powerful beyond belief, and for her to be able to channel her grief and sadness and confusion through words and a bond with you are a gift that will be with her forever.


  2. And what a gift it was! Love the verbs … estimates, widens, determined! You have obviously taught her well but what stood out to me most was the love and respect she has for you which is the ultimate compliment as a teacher, in my opinion. You are teaching her much more than the academics. Way to go! Keep on touching and inspiring lives!


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