Emotional Day

Emotional Day

It’s the week before STAAR Writing Test in the lone star state. I’m blessed. I worked with an incredible group of writers that have grown to love writing as much as I do.

They moan and grumble when I say, “Writer’s workshop is near a close.” “Let’s begin to get ready to share our thoughts for today.” They all start to moan and grumble and state, “DO we have to complete writer’s workshop?” “We are compelled to do so much more.”

As my closing “share out” at the finish of the day, I assembled my writers and thanked them for all their hard work, and for graciously receiving my gently implied demands. Moisture rolled down my features as I explained how this society of writers how they have affected my heart. You see, many of my writers are new to our country. My hesitant writers are now writing on demand. It is a deed that I was not actually sure that we could master, but they’ve done it and I’m so very proud!

They have done everything I have asked of them, and it has been no small feat. It hasn’t always been easy, but I know that they understand. That there is no better reward than what pen and paper can do to bring their thoughts and their dreams to life


5 thoughts on “Emotional Day

  1. They must have a pretty rockstar teacher to guide them. I love this post. “Gently implied demands,” they rose to the occasion because you expected them to, and you helped them get there.


  2. I love that you have honored these writers. and I love the photo of the pinwheels. I hope STARR goes well. We are testing as well.


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