Excuses Mucus



It’s one of my beloved adages.

It keeps me,

And everyone else,

That I adore,

Responsible for all that we do!

It’s a saying that I spill forth,

On the first day of school,

My babies just gaze at me quietly

And think, “What is this Teach up to?”

We can all come up with one reason,

Or another,

Not to complete tasks,


At times just not to be kind,

To one another!


When you spread the wisdom,




You know what you must do!

Because we are all able,

To throw that Kleenex away,

And know that we can always,

Start fresh,

With a brand new day!!


3 thoughts on “Excuses Mucus

  1. At school we use the phrase No Excuses all the time. BUT I never thought about using it with kindness. There’s no excuse to not be kind! I love this! I’m going to start using Monday when we get back from Spring Break.

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