Twenty-Six Years

We hit the sunless road yesterday and traveled two hundred miles to see our family physician today. I was hoping for sun, but the city said, “Sorry we’re fresh out of rays!”

Yet we really didn’t need it, as soon as we saw him we remembered that there is no other physician like our Dr. Wein. We’ve been with him for twenty-six years and I cannot trust another doctor like I trust Doctor Wein.

It’s funny how you can track a relationship by the sprouting of grey hairs. Though I have to say, I’ve cheated and covered up mine. He has been with us through our ups and downs.   And he has always showed us such tender loving care.

He is a former Captain in the U.S. Army and has the highest reverence for God, country, and family.

So now as we travel back I am trying not to panic because I want to be in the running for my slice of the pie. I cannot complain because it’s not too often that you have the privilege to be cared by someone like our Doctor Wein.


11 thoughts on “Twenty-Six Years

  1. Wow. Kind of amazing to think of having the same doctor for so many years. I’ve only just discovered my doctor three years ago. I’ve had a long history of not being happy with or having good experiences with doctors, and am thrilled to have found Mrs. Dr. G. I love hearing just a snippet of your trust and respect for your Dr. Wein.

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  2. I like how you talk about tracking a relationship by gray hairs but that you cover yours.

    This slice has me wanting more. I want to know more about this dr and why he’s so amazing.

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  3. I’m reading all of your posts and see how important this doctor is to you, your family. I love the connectivity of it. How he’s mentioned in an earlier post and now has his own post. This gives me ideas.


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