North Side Rules!

Train paths have often been seen as a symbol of division. The people that dwell on either side of the railroad tracks never actually recognize the barriers that are superimposed on them by others. Existing on the other side of the “tracks” never produced an adverse connotation into our spirits but that of freedom and zeal to enjoy life to the fullest.

Growing up on the “North Side” of the train paths brought the best possible childhood any girl could ever have presumed. It wasn’t much to look at, in truth, people would ask, “Is it your wedge of Mexico?” The tones were vibrant, the gardens so rich, who would have always known we were in the nucleus of the mighty deserts reign. The pounding of the sun’s all-powerful fist; however, never kept us from offering luscious lawns and dabble in our evening games.

We played our stickball and ran our races on the graveled streets of our North Pecos. And each night before we would go to bed we would proudly and emphatically recite, “North Side Rules!!”

As we grew older and the world summoned us to join her, our mantra still stayed in the background of our mind. “North Side Rules with North Side Pride!”


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