There is nothing more therapeutic than going for a drive. You have nothing to do, but relax and hum along to the radio and its merry song. There are opportunities that the road brings that seem overbearing, but if you happen to be with the love of your life, you know that there is nothing to do but hug the road and sing along.

I took a drive today with the man that I adore. We did nothing but talk about silly little things, but we laughed up a storm that never seemed to recede. Before we knew it, we had driven a total of two hundred miles to beyond and back. You And I antiqued, had a meal, and purred along with the pieces of yesteryear.

There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying a ride with your beloved guy. You come to know that when you get in that passenger car and begin that journey. No one else exists but you and your favorite man!


6 thoughts on “Drive

  1. Oh, this post made me so nostalgic, and not just for the days B.C. (before children) when hubby and I used to be able to take off at any moment’s notice, but also for summer vacation. We drive out to MI each year to see my in-laws, and somewhere in the 10-hour drive, the boys fall asleep and while they sleep, it’s like we’re twentysomethings again, out on the open road. 🙂

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