Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil

We often whine and moaned when the hour of change pounds on our door. It is not something that has ever held me at a standstill. It wasn’t until years later that I came to realize that how a “Time Change” would bring about the usual innovative use of aluminum foil I’ve ever observed.

We would begin to see extra rolls of aluminum foil arrive on our kitchen counter a month before havoc TRIED to disturb our sleep schedule. The narrow thin boxes labeled “ALUMINUM FOIL” was to be seen and not to be tampered with. They were handled with reverence and held court each day just by laying there winking its flap at us inviting us to take on its challenge. We knew better! We ignored it and pretended that the day wasn’t coming that these thin boxes would soon take over.

The evening before the aluminum foil would take over there was a quiet gloom that would take over the house! We knew that soon they would cover our windows. What else was a mother to do?

When eight o’clock rolled around, we knew that the trusty aluminum foil that covered our bedroom windows would keep our sleep cycle ever so perfect!


8 thoughts on “Aluminum Foil

  1. Get out? For real? That was a thing you all did? I was totally taken by surprise on that one wondering if there was like a big family meal about to happen requiring insane amounts of leftover storage for the spring. This makes sense totally but it threw me nonetheless. Interesting slice there!

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