Swishing, swaying and sashaying the tongue often keep the beat of the drum. It often adapts to objective of the moment without a care of the outcome.

This miraculous organ provides us such highs, yet at times some lows after it slips up, it tries to dance the “Escondido.” However, there are days that the order reverses itself and we know that we are in trouble. It’s the proverbial “Foot in the Mouth” where you know you’re in trouble.

How can it be that this organ that provides you the opportunities to enjoy the delicacies of sweet, sour, bitter, and salty offer us such great personal sorrow?

You know that you have to train it, or depict yourself as a point of distrust and anguish! Always train that tongue to be a point of power!


4 thoughts on “Tongue#Sol615

  1. I agree with the others – I hadn’t really thought about how much important our tongues are. I liked how you emphasized those dual sides of the tongue as it allows us to taste both the sweetness and sorrow of life.


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