The Law

When you first take a look at her, she’s a small five-foot even. It’s amazing that she can muster so much control with just the raise of her brow. She does it so cleverly, she captures your heart, and then all of a sudden you’re under her spell. It’s all contained in a small tiny vessel that when her allure takes over, no one ever suspects that she’s “done you in” and you’ll never be the same.

No one ever thinks to utter any ignorant remark or lack of respect. Through her due diligence and love of her clan, she has earned such respect. Most people don’t recognize her spell. It’s cast without much effort it just happens to be the magic of her essence.

I’ve grown to know that she’s a person I can count on no matter what’s in the plan. She’s counseled me through difficult times and yelled the loudest when I’ve excelled. She’s my sister, the “Law of the Land.”


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