Utopia #Sol15

You appreciate it, as soon as you see it: the mercy, the beauty and the real essence of the bond. It doesn’t seem likely that such a “Utopian” existence could still take place in today’s workplace.

You’re never certain how things will work out, when you relocate to a new school. It doesn’t even matter how many millenniums you’ve been teaching, those eerie awarenesses always creep into your thoughts as you live through that first year of creating your niche on a new campus.

I’m surrounded by a group of ladies that I “OUTAGE” by 20 years. It’s been more than one time that I think to myself, “I was in a classroom during 9/11, yet they were just in fifth grade. They’ve taught me so much and treated care, and me with such tender I know I’ve found my “UTOPIA” in this little place. Filled with Blue Jays chirping away towards that essence of greatness forged ahead by leaders that surround me each and every day.

I recognize the blessings that have been bestowed upon me: such greatness that pushes me to strive for so much more in all aspects of my life. I will forever be grateful to these “Twenty-something’s” that have instilled so much more in me: peace, clarity, and most importantly a sense of belonging!


4 thoughts on “Utopia #Sol15

  1. I understand exactly where you are coming from. About 7 years ago, I switched from one building in our district to another. I worried for awhile, wondering if I made the right choice. My soul mate colleagues are the age of my oldest son. Their kids are my grandkids age. But it works. Like you, I learn a lot from them. They keep me challenged and working to keep up.


    1. I’m not a 20 something anymore!!! 😦

      We are very blessed to have such an amazing team. We are so blessed to have you on it. Your energy is infectious. Your passion for the kids is seen in every interaction you have with them. You are an inspiration to me to always value every second I have with kids and to make each second count. Thank you for that.


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