Tango Sol#15

Our hearts interlocked and I immediately knew that there would be no other, just you. It astonishes how eyes can create a seamless dance without any measure. The twinkle, the dazzle, the determining beat that made it so very special that I immediately recognized that you belong to me and I belonged to you.

You have uplifted me to heights that I thought were insurmountable, you’ve never lamented when I have stumbled. The support that you’ve given me in these twenty-seven years has been constant. You gave up years of your life to help me care for my mother.

She loved you and often scolded me when she thought I was unfair with my words and gestures. She never lost sight that you restored my heart.

I look onward to the future to fulfill our elaborate steps. Driven by the tango and its enriching steps.


5 thoughts on “Tango Sol#15

  1. Wow, you have a really interesting way with words that pulled me in. I saw this slice pop up on the Related section from today’s slice and thought the title interesting. Then upon reading, “The twinkle, the dazzle, the determining beat” I was like damn, that’s good descriptive love right there. Well done. Glad I clicked around!

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