Not A Single One

Dear Alzheimer’s,

I am formally corresponding with you this moment to let you know that your bold behavior will one day be destroyed! Stripping away someone’s dignity wasn’t enough; you had the valor to tear into the core of a household’s soul. You caused incredible anguish and pain into a world that was governed by unity, respect, and peace.

“I hear you!!!” “Stop that excessive giggling.” You enjoy dehumanizing the most helpless. I know your success truly weighs in the hopelessness and anxiety that you dump into the folds of the empty caregivers that often wonder, “Am I next?”

You would believe that someone with your longevity would know how to battle fairly. “WAIT!!!! “ “How can this be, that you have shattered lives for 100 years?” You go about it in such an unreasonable way. Leaping merrily along among all the likely candidates, as the feelers of your plaque scope out to your next prey.

The movement of your limbs are so attractive, so deceiving, it’s not until someone notices your often-overlooked traits that you openly snatch your martyr’s brains. You do it with such energy and your moves are so decisive. No one wants to accept that it might be you.

Yes, you’ve won many encounters, but the caregivers that you leave behind are NOT giving up. There will be no white flag flapping wildly at you. Instead, we hold up the red flag of defiance.

“No Prisoner’s will be accepted. ” We will not stop resisting you until you lie mercilessly on the earth, rolling into a miserable ball of exhaustion and evaporate into the air.

“Goodbye, Alzheimer’s’!” Your days are numbered!

Yours truly,

A Former Alzheimer’s Caregiver and her Mother!


5 thoughts on “Not A Single One

  1. This piece is so powerful. From the heartbreaking topic to the language you choose in your assault against this bold faced thief. I’m sorry that you have had the experience to write about this so well. Continue the fight- it will be won.


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